Extra Activities for Our Guests

We offer a wide variety of activities at Paws Awhile Pet Motel in Warrenton, VA. Apart from excellent lodging, doggie daycare and grooming services, our boarding fees cover climate-controlled, comfortable accommodations with careful and detailed monitoring of daily eating and bathroom habits, feeding, bedding and going out at least three to four times daily. You are welcome to add any extra activities to enhance your dog or cat’s comfort and happiness. At Paws Awhile, we delight in helping our guests have the most fun possible! We hand-pick the members of our small playgroups, matching sizes and play styles for maximum comfort and fun. There’s always Team members joining in the action and making sure everyone is engaged and having a good time. If the weather is not appropriate for the requested activity, we will substitute a different activity.


To enrich their experience, all guests have a personal attendant during activities.

Field Walk – Enjoy a brisk walk around our 1/2 acre fenced play area. $10.

Nature Walk – Check out the latest! What have the deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, squirrels and other wildlife been up to along the nature trails? $15

Playtime – Individual or group playtime sessions with your pet’s favorite toys and friends, or try out the agility equipment! Off-leash in our fenced play yard or indoor playroom depending on the weather. $10.

Snuggle Time – For the dog that just wants to be loved, a one-on-one session doing what your dog likes best – petting, hugging and sharing of secrets. $10.

Brain Games – Keep your pup mentally sharp with interactive puzzles and toys. (Many are treat based.) $10.

King Kong – Entertain your pup all day with a stuffed Kong. We provide the stuffing and the Kong. We use peanut butter, cheese, pumpkin, wet food or whatever your pup would like – just let us know. $10.

Gourmet Dog Treats Handmade by Kristi, 2 for $10.

Please remind us of any dietary restrictions!


Playtime – Time to chase a ball, a feather or a shadow. $10

Snuggle Time – For the cat that just wants to be loved. $10


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