Medical Information


Our trained Team members will administer as many medications or supplements per administration time as your pet needs. There is a $4 charge per administration time. We REQUIRE all medications/supplements to be in their original containers with their current dosing schedule clearly written out. If we have to go to the veterinarian for a medical necessity, the veterinarians need the original containers and your dosing instructions which give them the details they need. Please do not put medications/supplements in any pill wrap. Doing so causes the pills to start to disintegrate due to the moisture in the pill wrap. Please ensure that there is enough medication/supplements for your pet’s entire stay, plus an extra dose or two in case you are delayed in returning.

While putting your pet’s medication/supplements in with their food may work at home, we have found that many dogs need a little extra incentive (such as pill wrap, cheese or wet food) to take their medicine/supplements when not at home. To ensure that the pets in our care actually take their medicine/supplements on schedule, we will remove pills and supplements from their meal baggies and administer them at the proper time. Administration charges will apply.

We will also monitor wounds, administer sub-q fluids and certain injections, foot soaks, ear cleaning and warm compressing if prescribed by a veterinarian. Please contact us ahead of time if your pet will need these services. Additional fees may apply.


Should your pet require medical attention while staying with us, we will endeavor to get your pet to his or her own vet. If we can not get in to your veterinarian, we will take them to our vet, which is Pender Veterinary Centre in Fairfax, or have the local concierge vet come see them at Paws Awhile. Pender Veterinary is staffed 24/7 so we can reach medical help anytime, day or night.

We REQUIRE any additional number(s) where you can be reached should the need arise. We always ask for a landline because cell phones do not always work as expected. We REQUIRE an itinerary with phone numbers. This includes guided tours, cruises, safaris, overseas trips and any other situation where you are changing locations. If on a cruise, please provide the name of the cruise line, the name of the ship and your cabin number. We will attempt to contact you via cell, text and email if your pet needs medical attention. If the situation calls for immediate action, we will treat your pet like he or she is our own and get them to the veterinarian immediately while continuing to attempt to reach you. We work diligently to be very observant and tuned in to all your pet’s needs and habits so we can detect any changes that could require prompt attention.

Most pets return from their visit to the vet with a treatment plan which we follow strictly to help your loved one heal as quickly as possible. If your vet recommends a quieter environment or that your dog not be around other dogs, they can come to Ultra Care and be cared for there, so you don’t have to cut your vacation short. Your pup will have a large, fenced backyard to play in, wildlife at the pond to watch and lots of love and attention from one of the Sisters. Ultra Care charges will apply.

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