Paws Awhile Pet Motel Lodging, Boarding Accommodations

Pet Limousine Service Available


At Paws Awhile Pet Motel in Warrenton, VA we offer a wide variety of lodging and boarding options and types of enclosures so that we can cater to the unique needs of each of our guests. All our accommodations are clean, comfortable, safe, and climate-controlled for maximum comfort. We provide bedding, rugs or beds as needed to pamper your pet. All our guests enjoy free room service, maid service and linen service during their stay. They go outside at least three to four times daily for potty breaks – more if they are puppies, geriatric or just need an extra trip.


Your pet is closely monitored throughout the day and night. One of our Team members is always on site overnight to be able to respond to the needs of our guests. We have a close working relationship with the local veterinary community and can get your pet medical attention if it is needed – day or night.

Our air-handling system circulates and cleans the air at a very high rate and is equipped with UV lights and filters to help prevent airborne diseases. We disinfect all surfaces that your pet touches, just like hospitals and veterinary clinics. The premises are also protected by a monitored smoke, fire and burglary detection system for additional peace of mind.



Your furry family member will stay where they are the most comfortable in one of our eleven varieties of enclosures. Walks, Playtime and other activities may be added.


Perfect for a pair, a trio, or a single guest who prefers their own company, our suites offer 50 square feet all to themselves. With tile floors that are cool in the summer and heated in the winter, orthopedic beds, raised feeders, and area rugs, the Suites are a great place for a geriatric guest or siblings who want a little more room. Walks, Playtime and other activities may be added.

Ultra Care

Ultra Care is available for those special needs pets that would do best staying with one of the Sisters at our cozy cottage. Prior authorization is required. Walks, Playtime and other activities may be added.

Long-Term Boarding

When you have to be out of town for an extended period, we’ll take care of your loved one who can’t come with you. For stays over 30 days, we offer a 10% discount on the boarding rate. Prior approval with a 50% deposit up front is required. We will charge your credit card bi-weekly for the remainder of their stay. Please ask to speak with one of the Sisters for more details.



With their own room away from the dogs, a window to watch for birds outside, and lots of attention from the Team, our feline guests can enjoy a spot in the Cat Room. Each enclosure has lots of bedding, a soft cat bed to lounge in, and a giant litter box with scoopable litter. Kitties are allowed to explore the enclosed Cat Room while the Maid is tending to their linens and litter box. Room service twice daily or as requested. Playtime and/or Snuggle Time may be added.

Kitty Suite

When your furry friend(s) wants more room to roam or play, the Kitty Suite is a great option! We’ve converted a bathroom into an inviting space for cats with places to hide and climb and a window to look out. Includes all the amenities of the Cat Room plus area rugs and extra time and attention from the Team. Playtime and/or Snuggle Time may be added.

Kitty Ultra Care

Would your kitty prefer a large, quiet, climate-controlled bedroom at the Big House on the Church property with places to lounge by the windows, cozy beds, spots to hide, and plenty of Playtime and/or Snuggle Time with one of the Sisters? And, of course, room service, maid service and linen service. Prior authorization from one of the Sisters is required.

Reservation Requests

Please call Paws Awhile with your reservation request, or fill out the online request form. Click the button below.
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