Paws Awhile Offers Full Daycare Services for Dogs

While you’re at the office, having Zoom meetings, trying to work on that important project from home, shopping, running errands or any other reason, your dog enjoys our attention and love.

Daycare dogs get plenty of playtime and other exercise based on their preferences. If your dog needs to eat lunch, please provide his or her lunch in an individual serving-size baggie labeled with your dog’s first and last name. Your pet’s day will consist of alternating activity and rest periods.

We do not do all day group play because we have found that the dogs do much better when they can play and rest and play and rest and play and rest! We do small play groups (never over 8). Our hand-picked play groups are based on each dog’s temperament, health, weight, age, size and play style.

We also accommodate dogs who would like a day out, but do not enjoy the off-leash play groups. We work to find their favorite activity and incorporate that into their day.


Check-in and check-out for daycare is flexible. Daycare check-in is between 7:15 – 10:30 AM and check-out is between 2:30 – 6:00 PM. If you need special arrangements for daycare, please ask one of the Sisters.

When a reservation is made for daycare, that space is considered booked and other potential customers are turned away. Therefore, please let us know as soon as possible if your pet is not coming to daycare as planned.


We offer pre-paid daycare packages for our frequent daycare guests. Each package provides a discount. Packages expire 45 days after the first use. See pricing below.

6 visit — 3% savings — $299.80
10 visit — 5% savings — $375.25
20 visit — 10% savings — $711

Reservation Requests

Please call Paws Awhile with your reservation request, or fill out the online request form. Click the button below.
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